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Dance Styles


Bollywood is a form of dance born thanks to Indian cinematographic productions, more precisely those of Hindi language in Mumbai. It is a dance that is constantly renewed by merging Indian dances (classical, folkloric, popular) and foreign dances (jazz, hip-hop, contemporary, oriental dance, flamenco, disco…).


The song and dance sequences have contributed greatly to the popularity of bollywood and showcase the stars of the screen. These sequences are distinguished by their sometimes exuberant staging and the presence of a large number of extras, sets and costumes. Bright colors and the joy of living are there!


The bollywood course allows you to approach Indian culture and cinema through one of its most fun and fascinating mediums: dance! You will learn basic techniques, combinations of movements and original choreographies. The course also leads participants to recognize the classics and the novelties.

Consult the program for the weekly classes on the schedule. More information on levels here!

Discover Bollywood at home!

Learn a short choreography on the very famous song: Kangna Re. You will see some basic techniques and original sequences with the cultural references necessary to fully understand the context of this piece.

Each movement is dissected and explained in detail, then performed to the music.

Invite your friends or family and let yourself go!

Folkloric Dances of India



Originally from Punjab and associated with the Sikh nation, this dance is ideal for entertaining young and old while providing good cardio and cultivating joy. This style is dynamic with jumps, big arm movements and an upward posture.

Currently offered in a workshop or fitness format at Studio Danse Mirage! Some classes are also on Patreon. Try a snippet here!


This dance comes from Gujarat, but it is appreciated throughout India and the diaspora. It is practiced especially during the Navratri, in large circles. With its repetitive or more complex step sequences, each adds a lot of grace with hypnotizing hand strikes and turns. For the whole family!

Currently offered in sporadic workshops. Some classes are also on Patreon!


The Kalbeliya or Sapera community is often represented by the snake dance in Rajasthan. Stage or tourist dances took shape in the 80s. Women dress in richly decorated black dresses most often and combine the grace of arms and expressions with heavy stomping, stunning swirls and several accessories.

This style is taught in sporadic workshops. Some classes are also on Patreon!

Bhangra - Gurdeep Pandher & Jill Otter


Neobellydance is a fusion dance style that approaches bellydance from a very personal and contemporary perspective. The word "neobellydance" is similar to the old term "tribal fusion", but also includes fusions without a tribal aesthetic and vocabulary. With the movements and presentation of oriental dances as the basic inspiration, the style evolves in multiple directions according to the creativity and interests of each individuals: Indian, dark, circus, urban, pop... the possibilities are endless!

Jill Otter is mainly inspired by mythology, the fantastic universe, Indian traditions, symbolism and FatchanceBellydance® in her original fusion creations. The precise techniques, the studied lines and the fluidity unite with the imagination to communicate grace and strength.

Several tutorials are available on Patreon in this style.

Jill Otter neobellydance

FCBD® Style (Tribal Bellydance)

Fatchance Bellydance® Style (FCBD) also known as American Tribal Style® (ATS) is a unique Bellydance style that allows dancers to improvise in a synchronized way using a common language and codes. This style is inspired by multiple traditions of MENAHT as well as India in vocabulary and aesthetics and recreates a modern picture with an old and traditional look.

The dancers dress and adorn themselves with all their wealth to celebrate their beauty, their strengths and their dancing sisters. Community spirit is enhanced by developing self-confidence, trust in others, sharing and harmony.

This style is taught in workshops and sporadic classes. A few classes are available on Patreon.

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