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Desi Danse

About the group


Desi Danse was created in 2016 with the intention of representing folk dances associated with India in Quebec. The group was, in fact, the only one of its kind in the province. Its main mission was to share the beauty of each dance, to arouse interest in other cultures and to perform or participate in various events with these objectives.


The group was directed by Jill Otter, dancer and professor recognized in his community for almost a decade. The members (between 8 and 12) were mostly experienced dance students or enthusiasts of south asian cultures who renewed and deepened their repertoire each year. the group disbanded in 2021

Dance Styles


Indian folk dance styles abound (it's estimated that there are around 400 in this country!). The term folklore is used to refer to a dance practiced in a particular context, by a particular ethnic group or community. It is generally found in a social context of celebration and festivities. For example, garba is a specific dance associated with Navratri, a Hindu festival, and particularly appreciated by the people of Gujarat. It is therefore considered a folk dance. This does not prevent it from also being influenced by other folklores or by modern artistic and musical trends.


From 2016 to 2021, the group performed garba (from Gujarat, associated with the Navratri festival), bhangra (from Punjab, often associated with the Sikh nation) and Kalbeliya/Sapera (from Rajasthan, specific to a part of the Kalbeliya community). Other styles were also studied in order to create a diverse and original repertoire, worthy of the multiple contrasts of India.

Some Previous Events

Here are some events in which Desi Danse has participated since its creation in 2016.

  • Mondokarnaval Festival - Show and parade (Quebec city), 2016, 2018, 2019 editions

  • United Nations Gala at Séminaire de Québec organised by ACNU, October 2019

  • Troup Al Usra show, September 2019 (Guest artists)

  • Tournoi des Nations at Parc Victoria, July 2019

  • Studio Danse Mirage annual show at Impérial, 2018, 2019 editions (Guest artists)

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