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Private and Semi-private Classes

Private lessons are ideal if:

  • you want to progress at your own pace and according to your schedule;

  • you prefer to take online courses;

  • you want to learn a specific style that is not offered in present group classes;

  • you need advice for a choreography or an artistic project;

  • you would like to get personalized exercises to develop and enrich your style and technique.


Nothing would satisfy me more than helping you achieve your goals!

How to concretize your idea? Nothing's easier!


  1. Write me an email ( or a private message on Facebook mentioning the style you would like to learn or your ideas. Suggest a few time slots to discuss or organize a course.

  2. I will get back to you within 24 hours to make sure I understand your needs and to confirm the details (schedule / location / price...).

  3. The course or activity will take place in person or online according to the agreed method.

  4. I will come back to you the following week, if necessary, to get an update on your progress or to answer any questions.

The prices vary according to the preparation time (if the creation of a custom choreography is required for example), if transport or the rental of a space is necessary and depending on the number of teaching hours. The prices follow the price list of the Association québécoise de danse orientale.

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