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To learn and improve your skills, invite me to give a thematic workshop or intensive training in your school or area! I am always excited to meet other dancers and share my passion for movement and expression with them.

For indian dances, you may choose from several styles: bollywood (vintage, semi-classical, item, folk, bellywood, prop oriented, fusion), bhangra, garba or kalbeliya. I am also one of the few certified teachers in FCBD® Style and Sister Studio in the country.


The workshop can cover technical concepts and exercises or focus on a choreography. In general, 45 to 90 seconds of choreography require about 1 hour of workshop. I always offer suggestions for group and you can perform the learned pieces publicly as long as my name is mentioned as a choreographer.

To Teach Choreographies from Workshops


If you want to teach a choreography from a workshop, you will need to take one or more additional private lesson so that I can coach you and give you more knowledge about the origin, purpose and execution of the movements. Then, you will have all the tools necessary to provide more details to your students, give great feedbacks and be able to perform the choreography to its full potential!


To share the piece with a larger number, why not invite me to your own area to teach the choreography again?

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"Given with precision and accuracy, Jill's workshops are brought with softness and concern to really help the progress of each person."

—  Daphnée Rivard, Danse Anka director

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