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Animation and Events


To give a colorful and dynamic indian feel to your event, Jill Otter is able to perform, animate and introduce people to bollywood, bhangra or garba dance. To create a middle-eastern or mysterious atmosphere, tribal oriental dance or FCBD® is perfect in figuration or performance.


Here are some examples of activities that can be combined or customized according to your vision:

  • One or more performances, between 10 and 20 minutes. Dance is particularly appreciated between courses of a meal at a corporate event (Christmas, special occasion), for a surprise in a private anniversary or for a multicultural festival. You can plan one or two performance sets with a minimum of 25 minutes in between. The use of props is sometimes possible.

  • Representation in traditional outfit. Amplifies the atmosphere of an event or helps for a particular project.

  • Introductory dance workshops, between 15 and 60 minutes. They are often integrated into bachelorette parties, birthdays, school events and even corporate parties.

Grands Feux Bollywood.jpg
bande assiette low.jpg

"Passionate, cheerful and full of energy, it's a pleasure to learn with her and watch her dance on stage."

—  Sonia Blouin, dance teacher and colleague

About the Music

Traditional or modern music is used, depending on the desired mood. You can also make special requests for performances and animation to incorporate your favorite songs into your event.


The music in electronic format is brought on site with a phone (Android) to be then connected to your sound system. If you do not have equipment available, a portable speaker will be provided (better for small audience). If a sound technician is present at your event, a prior meeting will be necessary to provide the music. If it is a surprise, a third party may be responsible for starting the music.


The Space

A living room, a stage, indoors or outdoors? There is always a way to make it happen. In the case of a performance, allow a minimum space of 8 by 10 feets. Also, please mention how the audience will watch the show (in a circle or on one side ...) and what kind of material is the dance floor made of (wood, carpet, lawn, etc.). These details help providing the best possible experience for spectators.


Finally, plan access to a safe place to drop off the necessary animation equipment or to change, if necessary.


The price is set according to the duration of the event, the preparation time required and the number of people attending. The prices are consistent with those of similar contracts defined by the Quebec Oriental Dance Association (AQDO).


Is it Possible to Hold an Event Outside of Quebec City?

Of course! Transportation costs will simply be added to the total price for the event.


For more information, questions or to submit your project, write directly to Animations and performances are only offered in solo at the moment, but collaboration with other artists in the community is always possible.

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